About AI/AN Outreach

USDA Rural Development is committed to the future of rural communities, including American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities and individuals. This commitment is long term in nature and transcends annual appropriations and funding cycles. The following are some key points about USDA Rural Development outreach to the AI/AN community.

  • USDA Rural Development can help American Indian and Alaska Natives become full partners in the American economy, so their children and grandchildren can have an equal opportunity at pursuing the American dream and so their tribal communities may continue to exist and thrive for generations to come.
  • USDA Rural Development offers grants and loans to retain or create jobs, enable individuals to own homes and start businesses and improve the quality of life for people in tribal communities.
  • USDA Rural Development portfolio of financial programs addresses the most basic of community needs -- such as water and sewer systems, electricity, telecommunications, and housing. Further, USDA Rural Development offers community facilities programs that fund fire and police stations, community centers and other special initiatives.
  • Tribal communities are an integral part of rural America. They have unique challenges and needs not only on a national level, but at the local level among individual tribes. To respond to these individual needs, USDA Rural Development allocates funding specifically for tribes and tribal colleges.
  • In each state that serves federally or state-recognized tribes, USDA Rural Development has designated an American Indian/Alaska Native Coordinator to help tribal customers understand and benefit from Rural Development many programs and resources. To obtain contact information, or for go more information, go to www.rurdev.usda/AI_AN.html or call 1-800-670-6553.
  • Improving relations between tribes and the federal government is a priority of the Obama administration. With an extensive portfolio of loan programs, USDA Rural Development is well-suited and honored to assist in fulfilling this objective.