Information for Guaranteed Single-Family Housing Lenders

Daily Update On GRH Turn Times

To obtain the status of current turn times for GRH Conditional Commitments and Loan Note Guarantees, please call 501-301-3259. This recording is updated daily as the current turn times change. Please check the recording prior to calling or emailing for a status update.

  • Please limit all calls and e-mails to those that are essential in order to allow us to work on issuing conditional commitments with minimal interruptions. Only one person, the contact person listed on the 1980-21, should be calling on any file. If you are already working with a Specialist on a file, that is who you should be speaking with. Please do not call and/or e-mail multiple people regarding one question or file.

  • We cannot process anyone's file ahead of others - for any reason.

We find that we are spending unnecessary time going back and forth trying to get a complete/correct package. As an approved lender it is your responsibility to submit a fully complete and correct package. All received packages that are not complete or accurate will be returned to you for correction. You will then need to re-submit the full package to the submission email box for processing as we will not be keeping anything originally sent in.

  • Please do not request a status update on LNG's until your closing package has been here for more than 10 business days. Remember your closing package is not considered complete until both the accurate closing package information AND the GRH fee are received.

Single-Family Guaranteed Alerts

  • There is a new version of the 1980-21 form dated February 2013 which must be included with your packages - and must be signed by the borrower(s) and lender.

Contact and other Information

  • Send all inquiries and documentation regarding loan note guarantees to the following e-mail box which was created specifically for closings

  • E-mail address for credit package submissions:

  • If mailing credit packages, send to USDA Rural Development, Attn: Guaranteed Single-Family Housing, 700 W Capitol Ave Room 3416, Little Rock AR 72201.

  • All questions should be directed to unless you are working on a specific file, then please contact the Specialist directly related to that file.

  • All submissions to the closing and submission email box will receive an automated reply to confirm the submission was received. This will come as an Out Of Office reply directly to the person sending the package.

  • Be sure to bookmark this page and check it daily for the latest updates. Refresh the page if it is not updated. We will try to have it updated by 8 a.m. every morning.

News and Notes

  • Following is the link to the annual fee calculator Once there scroll down to the “Loan Origination” section and it is listed under Documentation and Resources.

  • Be sure to check out information on online training opportunities. for the guaranteed program.

Forms and Documents

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