Rural Utility Programs



Utility services are the foundation of rural infrastructure. Reliable and affordable water, waste treatment, electric power and telecommunications services can help rural areas expand economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for rural residents.

USDA Rural Development provides funding opportunities in the form of payments, grants, loans, and loan guarantees, for the development and commercialization of vital utility services. These programs revitalize rural communities with a variety of infrastructure improvements, and create sustainable opportunities for wealth, new jobs, and increased economic activity in rural America.

Utilities programs connect rural residents to the global economy by:

  1. Increasing access to broadband and 21st century telecommunications services;
  2. Funding sustainable renewable energy development and conservation;
  3. Financing reliable and affordable electric systems;
  4. Working to integrate smart grid technologies;
  5. Capitalizing on climate change opportunities; and
  6. Developing rural water and wastewater systems to help address water quality.

These investments support our long-term national prosperity by ensuring that rural communities have the basic infrastructure to become self-sustaining with the ability to compete in the global economy. For more information visit our national website at: Community Programs