Single Family Housing



The Rural Housing Programs of USDA Rural Development work to improve the quality of life for rural Americans by ensuring that they have access to safe, well-built, affordable housing. Homeownership builds economic stability and, over the long term, creates equity to finance education, business startups and retirement. People with equity in their homes not only take greater pride in them; they also become more involved in their communities. Our Housing Programs thus not only help rural people acquire homes, they help build better lives and communities. Rural Developments Housing Programs annually finance new and improved housing for over 65,000 low to moderate-income families. Over 2 million families now own their homes as a result of these rural homeownership programs.

Rural Development also offers a 504 Program and what is called the 306C Program. Under the 504 Loan Program a loan can be obtained to conduct repairs on a home for up to $20,000. If qualified (def. 62 years or older, handicap or disabled) and lacks repayment ability, the applicant may also qualify under the 504 Grant Program where they can receive up to $7,500 to correct health and safety hazards or make accessibility upgrades to the home. Applicants that fall within a Colonia area (def. located within 150 miles of the U.S., Mexico Border) may also qualify for the 306C Program. 306C Grants can be up to $5,000 to correct water and sewer/septic problems for applicants whose income is below the poverty level as defined by The Department of Health and Human Services


For more information on the programs offered by Rural Development please visit our National website: Single Family Housing


For a List of Arizona's approved Dealer/Contractor list for Manufactured Housing click here

For you convenience, provided below: The 502 Pre-Qualification package, the 502 SFH loan application checklist, the 504/306C loan/grant checklist and link to the forms described in each checklist.

A Pre-Qualification Package provides an opportunity to consider whether an applicant meets basic eligibility requirements for the 502 direct program. This package is NOT an application for assistance.


 502 SFH Pre-Qualification Package

To apply for a 502 Direct Loan or 504/306C Loan and/or Grant , please complete the below checklist using the indicated forms. I f you would prefer, a hardcopy of the package can be mailed to you by contacting the Rural Development Local Office nearest to where you'd like to purchase/repair a home.

  • 502 Single Family Housing Loan Checklist
  • 504/306C Loan and/or Grant Checklist
  • Rural Development Forms
  • Guaranteed Program

    Guaranteed Lenders Webpage

    State approved lenders offer the guaranteed residential loans to eligible moderate or low-income families. The application is made, processed and closed at a participating lender's office. Approved lenders are able to offer this "no down payment" loan because Rural Development guarantees the loan. A Guaranteed Residential Loan means that Rural Development will repay all or most of losses suffered by the lender in cases where the borrower should default on the loan. Borrower's are not required to purchase mortgage insurance.

    Detailed eligibility criteria and loan information is contained in regulation RD 1980-D

    Property Location:

    The property you wish to purchase must be located in an area deemed "rural" by Rural Development. Generally the community must be less than 25,000 persons. Contact the
    servicing office for further information. To determine if an area is eligible
    click here.