Business Program Loans and Grants

Promoting a dynamic business environment in rural America is the goal of Rural Development, Business and Cooperative Programs (BCP), Business Programs (BP). BP works in partnership with the private sector and the community-based organizations to provide financial assistance and business planning. BP helps fund projects that create or preserve quality jobs and/or promote a clean rural environment. The financial resources of BP are often leveraged with those of other public and private credit source lenders to meet business and credit needs in under-served areas. Recipients of these programs may include individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, public bodies, nonprofit corporations, Indian tribes, and private companies.

All USDA Rural Development mission area programs, including Business Programs, are administered by Rural Development field staff.

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The Rural Business Investment Program (RBIP) promotes economic development in mostly rural areas by helping to meet the equity capital investment needs of smaller enterprises located in such areas. USDA licenses newly formed for-profit investment fund entities as Rural Business Investment Company's (RBIC)s. RBIC’s use the equity raised in capitalizing their fund to make equity, and equity-like, investments mostly in smaller enterprises located primarily in rural areas.