Cooperative Directory and Data

Directory of Rural-Farmer, Rancher, and Fishery Cooperatives
This directory contains a listing, by State, of almost 1,500 marketing, supply, service, fishery, and bargaining cooperatives. The information was collected from every cooperative that Cooperative Programs surveys and wished to be included this directory. The Directory is updated monthly and contains: contact information, type of cooperative, and products sold.

U.S. Century Cooperatives
Century Cooperatives are comprised of cooperatives that were started between 1887 and 100 years ago. This table will be updated with additional cooperatives as they reach the century mark.

Data on Rural-Farmer, Rancher, and Fishery Cooperatives
We collect data from farmer, rancher, and fishery cooperatives every year. The data is published in CP Service Reports. The data is also available in Excel spreadsheets below.

Annual Farmer, Rancher, and Fishery Cooperative Statistics

Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives
We funded a University of Wisconsin study to document the economic impact of all cooperatives in the United States. The study gathered data on all types of cooperatives. The report and data are available from the University of Wisconsin.

Historical Data

Dairy Cooperatives