Research on Cooperatives

Our research program provides a knowledge base to support cooperatives dealing with current and emerging issues.Areas of study cover issues facing cooperatives and their member-owners, such as:

  • Changing markets and business trends
  • Economic activities of cooperatives
  • Financing and financial structure
  • Issues and practices in cooperative education
  • Legal and tax policy
  • Management and operations
  • Member governance
  • Policy
  • Social aspects of cooperation
  • Structure and organization

Research is conducted by RD staff, university researchers, and other researchers through cooperative agreements. Our staff includes agricultural economists and rural sociologists who analyze and document the operations, practices and organizational structures of all types of cooperativesgricultural, consumer and worker.

Publications on Cooperative Research- Cooperative Programs research, and that of our University partners, is published in our Research Report series and is also presented as articles in the Rural Cooperatives magazine

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