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Business and Cooperative Programs

United States Department of Agriculture
Rural Development

Administrator’s Staff

Office of the Administrator
Lillian Salerno, Administrator,
Justin Hatmaker, Chief of Staff (Acting),
Wyethea Choice, Secretary,
Michael Foore, Program Policy Advisor,
Ken Meardon, Program Policy Advisor,

Oversight/Resources Coordination Staff

Oversight/Resources Coordination Staff (OCS)

Jeanette Waters, Director (Acting),
Jeanette Johnson, Secretary,
Virginia Gilchrist, Financial Analyst,
Donnetta Rigney, Loan Specialist,
Bridzette Lane, Program Assistant,
Jordan Lianides, IT Specialist,
Samantha Speight, Management Analyst,
Cookie Whitlock, Administrative Officer,
Jeanette Waters,Program Analyst.

Business Programs

Office of the Deputy Administrator
Chad Parker, Deputy Administrator, chad
William Smith, Assistant Deputy Administrator, 
Elsa De Leon, Secretary,

Regional Coordinators
Valarie Flanders, (Southern),
Rob Fry, (Western),
Robin Templeton, (Midwestern),
David Robinson, (Northeastern),

Business and Industry Division
John Broussard, Director,

Processing Branch
Fred Kieferle, Branch Chief,
Ginger Allen, Business and Financial Review Analyst,
Brenda Griffin, Loan Specialist,
Jerred Brown, Loan Specialist,
Kristen Grifka, Business and Financial Review Specialist,

Servicing Branch
David Lewis, Branch Chief,
Andrea Patterson, Loan Specialist,
Anthony Ashby, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Felicia Blue, Loan Specialist,
Nichelle Daniels, Loan Specialist,

Energy Division
Mark Brodziski, Director,
Anthony Crooks, Energy Policy Specialist,

Program Branch
Kelly Oehler, Branch Chief,
Chris Cassidy, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Lisa Noty, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Ricardo Colon, Loan/Grant Specialist,

Technology Branch
Todd Hubbell, Branch Chief,
Frederick Petok, Loan/Grant Specialist,
James Campbell, Loan/Grant Specialist,

Specialty Programs Division
Claudette Fernandez, Director,
Diane Berger, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Maria Cartagena, Loan Technician,

Programs Branch
Kenneth Hennings, Branch Chief,
Cindy Mason, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Deidra Garris, Secretary,  
Lori Washington, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Melvin Padgett, Loan/Grant Specialist,
Robert Fry, Loan/Grant Specialist,


Cooperative Programs

Office of the Deputy Administrator
Tom Hannah, Deputy Administrator,
Linda Taylor, Secretary,
Andrew Jermolowicz, Assistant Deputy Administrator,
Honie Turner, Secretary,

Grants Division
Suzette Agans, Rural Development Specialist,
Amy Cavanaugh, Management and Program Analyst,
Marjorie Galanos, Management and Program Analyst, 
Susan Horst, Management and Program Analyst,
Tracy Kennedy, Agricultural Economist,
Melinda Martin, Management and Program Analyst,
Natalie Melton, Management and Program Analyst,
David Sears, Rural Development Specialist,
Gail Thuner, Management and Program Analyst,

Education and Research Division
John Wells, Director,
Dwendolyn Monroe, Secretary,
James Wadsworth, Agricultural Economist/Program Leader,
Charles Ling, Agricultural Economist/Program Leader,
Bruce Reynolds, Agricultural Economist/Program Leader,
Sarah Ali, Agricultural Economist,
Alan Borst, Agricultural Economist,
David Chesnick, Agricultural Economist,
Thomas Gray, Rural Sociologist,
Eldon Eversull, Agricultural Economist/Program Leader,
Julie Hogeland, Agricultural Economist,
Carolyn Liebrand, Agricultural Economist,
Judith Rivera, Office Automation Assistant,
Alexis Solano, Agricultural Economist,




Last Modified:12/23/2014 
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