Community Facilities

Fire engine funded by USDA Rural Development

Community Facilities Programs provide loans, grants and loan guarantees for projects to develop essential community facilities for public use in rural areas. This may include hospitals, fire protection, public safety, libraries, schools, day care centers as well as many other community-based initiatives. Visit the following site for a complete overview: Community Facilities Programs


California Highlights

2013 Investments
CF Grants $509,815
CF Loans $33.6 million
CF Guaranteed Loans $854,655


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Community Facilities Loan & Grant Program

Community Facilities Loan Pre-Application Guide

Community Facilities Grant Application Guide


A variety of forms for the Community Facilities programs are listed below for your convenience

Form SF 424 - Application for Federal Assistance

Form SF 424A - Budget Information, Non-Construction Programs

Form SF-424C - Budget Information

Form SF-424D - Assurances - Construction Programs

Form RD 1940-20, Request for Environmental Information

Clearing House Sheet for Notification

Form AD-1047, Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters - Primary Covered Transactions

Form AD-1049, Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements (Grants) Automatic 1 - For Grantees Other Than Individuals

Form AD-3030, Representation Regarding Felony Convictions and Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants

Form AD-3031, Assurance Regarding Felony Convictions or Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants

Form RD 400-1, Equal Opportunity Agreement

Form RD 400-4, Assurance Agreement

Form RD 1942-54, Applicants Feasibility Report

Form RD 442-7, Initial Operating Budget

1940-Q, Exhibit A-1

Form RD 1910-11, Application Certification - Federal Collection Policies for Consumer or Commercial Debts

Environmental Requirements

California Natural Resource Management Guide

California Natural Resource Management Guide Exhibits


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Community Facilities Program Contacts

Anita Lopez, Program Director
430 G Street, Agency 4169, Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 792-5822 | Fax: (530) 792-5839

Dave Hartwell, Specialist
430 G Street, Agency 4169, Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 792-5817 | Fax: (530) 792-5839

Frank Risso, Specialist
Phone: (916) 425-4768 | Fax: (209) 823-0248

Christina Swegles, Specialist

PO Box 291658, Phelan, CA 92329
Phone: (760) 948-4138

Pete Yribarren, Specialist
920 East Stowell Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93454
Phone: (805) 928-9269 x107 | Fax: (805) 928-9644

Lantenna Hungate, Technician
430 G Street, Agency 4169, Davis, CA 95616-4169
Phone: (530) 792-5815 | Fax: (530) 792-5839