Trudy L. Kareus

Welcome to Colorado USDA Rural Development Website - Trudy Kareus, State Director

On May 19, 2013, Trudy Kareus was appointed to the position of State Director for USDA Rural Development by President Barack Obama. In this position Ms. Kareus oversees six field offices and the state office located in Denver, CO. Rural Development administers and manages more than 40 housing, business, and community infrastructure and community facility programs designed to improve the economic stability of rural communities. Prior to her current appointment, Ms. Kareus came to USDA Colorado Rural Development after nearly 40 years of service working for Members of Congress as well as serving both the Clinton and the Obama Administrations in various management capacities at USDA. Most recently, Ms. Kareus was the State Executive Director (SED) of the USDA Colorado Farm Service Agency.

For much of her career, Ms. Kareus has worked for Members of the Colorado Congressional delegation, both in Colorado and in Washington DC. She opened one of the first congressional offices in Grand Junction, Colorado in 1972 for Senator Floyd Haskell and has served as Western Slope Director for Senator Haskell, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Senator Ken Salazar and Senator Michael Bennet. Ms. Kareus lived in Washington DC from 1993 until 2001 and again from 2003 until 2005 during which time she worked as an agriculture legislative assistant for both Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Congressman Mark Udall and was the Farm Service Agency Area Director for ten western States during the Clinton Administration. In 2001 she joined Mitt Romney team at the Salt Lake Organizing Committee as the Federal Relations Specialist for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

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The vision of USDA Rural Development is "A rural America that is a healthy, safe and prosperous place to live and work."

The mission of USDA Rural Development is "To increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for all rural Americans."

The Obama Administration and the staff of Colorado USDA Rural Development believe in the mission and vision of our agency. Our partners in this effort are local financial institutions, towns, and cities, counties, local water and hospital districts, the State of Colorado, and other Federal agencies.

Rural Development helps communities meet their basic needs by:

  • Building water and waste water systems
  • Financing decent, affordable single and multi-family housing
  • Supporting electric power and rural businesses, including cooperatives
  • Supporting community development with information and technical assistance
  • Supporting rural housing and multi-family housing programs
  • Supporting renewable energy and broadband initiatives
  • Supporting renewable energy and broadband initiatives
  • In Fiscal Year 2012 Colorado USDA Rural Development invested over $308 million in our Multi-Family and Single Family Housing Programs. We helped 1800 new homeowners in rural Colorado.

    Colorado Rural Development made grants, loans, and loan guarantees for over $19 million in Fiscal Year 2012, for community facilities, rural businesses, renewable energy, and value added agriculture.

    The website of Colorado USDA Rural Development will keep you informed as to our success during 2013. It is a resource for you and your community.

    Please feel free to contact any of our Colorado offices to see how we can help your community become a better place to live.

    The vision of USDA Rural Development is rural America that is a healthy, safe and prosperous place to live and work."