Business & Cooperative Programs

Business assisted by USDA Rural Development

Business Programs works in partnership with the private sector and the community-based organizations to provide financial assistance and business planning. Recipients may include individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, public bodies, nonprofit corporations, Indian tribes, and private companies. Visit the following site for a complete overview: Business Programs.


Cooperatives are a cornerstone of business development in rural communities, and can provide residents with new job opportunities, enhanced educational and health care services, and products which enable them to compete in todays global marketplace. Cooperative Programs provide assistance for rural residents interested in forming new cooperatives and administers programs that fund value-added producer grants, rural cooperative development centers, and small socially-disadvantaged producers. Visit the following site for a complete overview: Cooperative Programs

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Business & Cooperative Programs Contacts

Tim O'Connell, Acting Business & Cooperative Programs Director
Phone: (808) 933-8313 |

Anthony C. Barcinas, Business Programs Specialist
Phone:(671) 300-8567 |
Covers Guam, Republic of Palau, Republic of Marshall Islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands

Shirley Heatherly, Business Programs Specialist
Phone: (808) 541-2600 x139 |
Covers Oahu, Kauai, American Samoa

Lori Nekoba, Business Programs Specialist
Phone: (808) 933-8312 |
Covers East Hawaii, Maui County (Maui, Molaka'i, Lana'i)

Denise Oda, Business Programs Specialist
Phone: (808) 933-8323 |
Covers West Hawaii, Federated States of Micronesia (Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae)