Community Facilities Direct Loans

Lenders may want to obtain an eligibility determination prior to submitting a full application. Pre-application documents may be submitted alone to obtain this eligibility determination, or the pre-application documents may be submitted simultaneously with the full application. Lenders wishing to receive an eligibility determination should submit the following pre-application material to their Local Rural Development Office.  Please use this as a checklist and submit with the listed applications documents:

Pre-Application Documents

Upon receipt of a complete pre-application package, your local Rural Development Office will determine applicant and project eligibility, the level of environmental information needed, and if any additional financial information is needed. You will be notified of the agency's decision within 45 days and given further instructions on needed documents. Please be advised that you are required to hold a public meeting prior to grant approval. Instructions for meeting the public information requirements are found below.

All Projects funded must follow federal free and open competition guidelines.  This involves following Rural Development and state bidding requirements.  Your local Rural Development Office will help you determine the specific procurement needs of your project.

At a minimum, you will also need to provide the following documents to complete an application:

Application Documents

Other Documents that May be Needed