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The Idaho State Office, located in Boise, administers USDA Rural Development programs with three (3) Area offices, one (1) Sub-Area office, and two (2) Satellite offices across the state. Each office is committed to serving you in search of information and assistance with Rural Development programs and initiatives. The following links will provide you with office locations, points of contact, and office hours to assist in your endeavors.

Idaho State Office
9173 West Barnes, Suite A1
Boise, Idaho 83709
(208) 378-5600 | (208) 378-5643 FAX

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Single-Family Housing Programs

Programs: Section 502 Rural Housing Guaranteed Loan, Section 502 Rural Housing Direct Loan, Section 504 Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Loan & Grant, Section 523 Mutual Self-Help Loans.

Program Staff
State Office Program Director Roni Atkins (208) 378-5627

State Office Specialist
Guaranteed Program

Pam Cook (208) 378-5628

State Office Specialist
Direct Program

Lisa Allen (208) 378-5629
Originating and Loan Processing Staff
Blackfoot Kim Becker (208) 785-5840 x130
Blackfoot Taylor Lish (208) 785-5840 x121
Blackfoot Terese Nield (208) 785-5840 x118
Boise Sub-Office Richard Carrig (208) 327-6472
Boise Sub-Office Carol Malmberg-Chadwick (208) 327-6460
Boise Sub-Office Peggy Precht (208) 378-5607
Coeur d'Alene Jeanne Allen (208) 762-4939 x102
Coeur d'Alene Joseph Cool (208) 762-4939 x121
Coeur d'Alene Michelle Noordam (208) 762-4939 x124
Coeur d'Alene Dawnna Weingart (208) 762-4939 x125
Mountain Home Marj Petrich (208) 587-9791 x112
Preston Lana Duke (208) 852-0504 x116
Twin Falls Tony Ballestero (208) 733-5380 x106
Twin Falls Lorry Nickel (208) 733-5380 x116
Twin Falls Kathy Wilson (208) 733-5380 x120

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Multi-Family Housing Programs

Programs: Rural Rental Housing Loans, Rural Rental Housing Loan Guarantees, Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants, Multi-Family Housing Preservation and Revitalization (MPR) Loans and Grants, Housing Preservation Grants, Rental Assistance Program

Program Staff
State Office Program Director Roni Atkins (208) 378-5627
State Office Specialist Yvette Caraveau (208) 327-6466
Coeur d'Alene Christine Fisher (208) 762-4939 x123
Coeur d'Alene Camille Libby (208) 762-4939 x127
Boise Sub-Office Miriam Haylett (208) 327-6465
Twin Falls Bob Hawkes (208) 734-1324 x120
Blackfoot John Riker (208) 785-5840 x116

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Business and Energy Programs

Programs: Business and Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loans, Intermediary Relending Program (IRP), Rural Business Enterprise Grant Program (RBEG), Rural Opportunity Grants (RBOG), Rural Economic Development Loan And Grant (REDLG), and Rural Energy Programs.

Program Staff
State Office Program Director Daryl Moser (208) 378-5615
State Office Technician Julia Garrett (208) 378-5623
State Office Specialist Tim Wheeler (208) 327-6463
State Energy Coordinator Brian Buch (208) 327-6464
Twin Falls Tobin Dixon (208) 734-1324 x121

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Community and Water & Environmental Programs
Community Facility Programs: Community Facilities (CF) Direct Loan, CF Guaranteed Loan, CF Grants, and Rural Community Development Initiative.

WEP Programs: Water and Wastewater (WW) Direct Loans and Grants, WW Loan Guarantees, Pre-development Planning Grants, Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants, and Water and Waste Revolving Fund Grants
Program Staff
State Office Program Director David Flesher (208) 378-5617
State Office Program Technician Jill Marx (208) 378-5618
State Office Specialist Heath Price (208) 327-6461
Civil Engineer Kent Erickson (208) 327-6462
Civil Engineer & Environmental Coordinator Noel LaRoque (208) 378-5619
Blackfoot Julie Neff (208) 785-5840 x115
Blackfoot Patricia Casella (208) 785-5840 x101
Boise Sub-Office Carol Garrison (208) 327-6473
Coeur d'Alene Shirley Quakkelaar (208) 762-4939 x116
Coeur d'Alene Howard Lunderstadt (208) 762-4939 x126
Coeur d'Alene John Lynn (208) 762-4939 x122
Twin Falls Rob Lanford (208) 734-1324 x118
Twin Falls Diane Shigihara (208) 734-1324 x114

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Telecommunication & Electric Programs

Telecom Programs: Telecommunications Infastructure Loan, Farm Bill Broadband Loan, Community Connect Grant, Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant, Public Television Digital Transition Grant, and Weather Radio Transmitter Grant. RUS Telecom Program Website

Electic Programs: Electric Loan and Loan Guarantees RUS Electric Program Website

Program Staff
Telecommunications Specialist Joe Bradley (208) 378-5610
Electric Programs GFR Denver Schlaeppi (208) 202-1420
Please contact Electric Program Staff in Wash.D.C. @ number above

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