Idaho Guaranteed Rural Housing Lender Resources

Approved Loan Application

Lenders eligible to be approved by Rural Development under the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan program include: Any State housing agency; Lenders approved by: HUD for submission of applications for Federal Housing Mortgage Insurance or as an issuer of Ginnie Mae mortgage backed securities; the U.S. Veterans Administration as a qualified mortgagee; Fannie Mae for participation in family mortgage loans; Freddie Mac for participation in family mortgage loans; Any FCS (Farm Credit System) institution with direct lending authority; Any lender participating in other USDA Rural Development and/or Farm Service Agency guaranteed loan programs.

If you are an individual seeking information on Rural Housing Guaranteed Loans, please visit our site:
Idaho Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

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Topics on this page include:

  • Become an Approved Lender
  • Idaho Specific Program Information
  • Manufactured Housing Guidelines
  • GRH Regulations and Administrative Notices
  • GRH Forms
  • GRH Helpful Links and Resources
  • Idaho GRH Program Contacts


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    Program Information


    Become an Approved Lender

    Idaho Supplemental Program Information

    Helpful Links and Resources

    Regulations and Administrative Notices


    Idaho GRH Program Contacts

    Lenders may contact your local USDA Rural Development office  for more information on becoming an approved lender or additional program information

    Equal opportunity Housing

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