Water and Waste Forms and Regulations

RUS Bulletins

Illinois Instructions 1780
Guide 0 Applicants Application Checklist
Guide 1 Handbook for Developing a Water and/or Waste Project and Obtaining USDA Rural Development
Funding Assistance
Guide 2 Application Index (Public Body)
Guide 2A Application Index (Not-for-Profit Corporation)
Guide 3 Loan Docket Content (Public Body)
Guide 3A Loan Docket Content (Not-for-Profit Corporation)
Guide 5 Rules, Rates and Regulations for the...
Guide 6 Plan for Operation and maintenance of Water or Waste System
Guide 13 Water Purchase Contract
Guide 14 Sewage Treatment Contract
Guide 15 Notice of Intent to File Application
Guide 16 Notice of Public Meeting

SF Forms
SF 424 Application for Federal Assistance
SF 424C Exhibit C for SF 424
SF 424D Exhibit D for SF 424
SF 3881 ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form

Illinois Forms
RD-IL 442-20 Right of Way Easement
RD-IL 1780-1 User Contract
RD-IL 1780-1A Service Declination Statement
RD-IL 1780-2 Attorney's Opinion Relative to Organization, Authority and Continuous Existence
RD-IL 1780-3 Certification of Number of Users
RD-IL 1780-6 Progress Report for Water and Waste Projects
RD-IL 1780-7 Report on Type of Users and Record of Water Usage
RD-IL 1780-19 Agreement for Engineering Services
RD-IL 1927-4 (DOC) (PDF) Real Estate Mortgage for Illinois, Automated
RD-IL 1927-9 Preliminary Title Opinion
RD-IL 1927-10 Final Title Opinion

RD Forms
400-3 Notice of Contractors and Applicants
400-8 Compliance Review
440-22 Promissory Note
440-24 Position Fidelity Schedule Bond Declaration
440-34 Option to Purchase Real Property
442-2 Statement of Budget, Income and Equity
442-3 Balance Sheet
442-7 Operating Budget
442-20 Right of Way Easement
442-21 Right of Way Certificate
442-22 Opinion of Counsel Relative to Right of Way
1927-5 Affidavit Regarding Work of Improvement
1942-8 Resolution of Members or Stockholders
1942-46 Letter of Intent to Meet Conditions
3550-28 Authorization Agreement for Preauthorization Payments
3575-1 Application for Loan and Guarantee
Combined Certification, Certification of Compliance with Federal Requirements/Laws

RUS Bulletins
RUS Bulletin 1780-2 PER
RUS Bulletin 1780-7 Legal Services Agreement
RUS Bulletin 1780-9 Water Users Agreement
RUS Bulletin 1780-12 Water and Waste System Grant Agreement
RUS Bulletin 1780-20 Bylaws
RUS Bulletin 1780-22 Water and Waste Eligibility Certification
RUS Bulletin 1780-26 Guidance for the use of EJCDC Funding Agency Edition Documents on Water and Waste Projects with RUS Financial Assistance
RUS Bulletin 1780-27 Loan Resolution (Public Bodies)
RUS Bulletin 1780-28 Loan Resolution Security Agreement
RUS Bulletin 1780-30 Water Programs Audit Guide and Compliance Supplement
RUS Bulletin 1780-31 OMB Circular A-133 Audits

AD Forms
AD 3030 Representations Regarding Felony Conviction and Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants
AD 3031 Assurance Regarding Felony Conviction or Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants


Positive Program to Encourage Connections
Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants
CP Direct Illinois Field Offices Map & Contacts
Guaranteed CP Illinois Field Offices Map & Contacts

Community Program Contacts
Illinois State Office
2118 W. Park Court, Suite A
Champaign, IL 61821

Michael Wallace Community Programs Director
Tel: 217-403-6209/Fax:
email: Michael.Wallace@il.usda.gov

Karen Lee Community Programs Specialist,
Tel: 217-403-6213/Fax:
email: Karen.Lee@il.usda.gov

Tina Anstrom, Community Programs Specialist
Tel: 217-403-6244/Fax:
email: Tina.Anstrom@il.usda.gov