Business Programs

Rural Development's goal is to promote a dynamic business environment and create opportunities for rural employment. We partner with private sector and community-based organizations to provide financial assistance for business planning and development. We also provide funding for technical assistance to rural businesses and cooperatives, research into rural economic issues, and renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Business and Cooperative Programs help fund projects that create or preserve quality jobs and/or promote a clean rural environment. The financial resources of Rural Development are often leveraged with those of other public and private credit source lenders to meet business and credit needs in under-served areas. Eligible borrowers may include individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, public bodies, non-profit corporations, and private companies.

Common Business Forms and Regulations
Business Programs Property Eligibility

B&I Illinois Field Offices Map & Contacts

Business & Cooperatives Program Contacts

Illinois State Office
2118 W. Park Court, Suite A
Champaign, IL 61821

Ron Firkins, Business & Cooperatives Program Director
Tel: 217-403-6217/Fax: 855-832-8690

Matthew Harris, Business & Cooperatives Program Specialist, VAPG Coordinator
Tel: 217-403-6211/Fax: 855-832-8690

Mary Warren, Business & Cooperatives Program Specialist
Energy & RMAP Coordinator
Tel: 217-403-6218/Fax: 855-832-8690

David Chestnut, Business & Cooperatives Program Specialist, B&I Coordinator
Tel: 217-403-6249/Fax: 855-832-8690