Community Programs  

Community programs are designed to develop essential community facilities for public use in rural areas.

Loans, loan guarantees and, in some instances, grants are available to public entities such as villages, counties, townships, fire and hospital districts and to legally incorporated not for profit corporations to construct, expand, improve or equip essential facilities open to the public. Funds can be used for land, architectural and legal fees and other project related costs as well. The maximum loan term is 40 years or the useful life of the facility.

Rural Development has been financing the construction of utilities for 70 years in order to raise the standard of living in rural areas. USDA Rural Development provides loans, grants and loan guarantees for drinking water, sanitary sewer, solid waste and storm drainage facilities. Public bodies and non-profit organizations in rural areas and towns of 10,000 people or fewer are eligible to apply. Rural Development also makes grants to nonprofit organizations to provide technical assistance and training to assist rural communities with their water, wastewater, and solid waste problems

Community Facilities Direct Loan Program
Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program
Community Facilities Grants
Rural Community Development Initiative
Rural Emergency Responders Initiative
Water and Waste Direct Disposal Loans & Grants
Water and Waste Guaranteed Loans
Emergency Community Water Assistance Grants
Pre-Development Planning Grants
Solid Waste Management Program

Community Facilities Regulations & Forms
Water & Waste Regulations & Forms
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Community Program Contacts

Illinois State Office
2118 West Park Court
Suite A
Champaign, IL 61821

Michael Wallace Community Programs Director
Tel: 217-403-6209/Fax:

Karen Lee Community Programs Specialist,
Tel: 217-403-6213/Fax:

Tina Anstrom, Community Programs Specialist
Tel: 217-403-6244/Fax:

Jim Grabarczyk, State Engineer
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