Engineering Documents  

Present Worth Analysis

RUS Bulletins

Illinois Instruction 1780
Guide 0 - Applicant's Application Checklist Water & Waste Project
Guide 10 -
Addendum to Rural Development Supplemental General Conditions
Guide 11 -
Construction Contract Documents for USDA projects
Guide 11A
Agency Concurrence
Guide 11B -
Field Order (Fillable)
Guide 11C -
Work Change Directive (Fillable)
Guide 12 -
Construction Contracts Affirmative Action Requirements Goals (%) for Minority and Women Participation

Other Forms
USDA-RD EJCDC Exhibit A (2014) - Engineer's Services (Fillable)
USDA-RD EJCDC Exhibit C (2014)- Payments to Engineer for Services and Reimbursable Expenses (Fillable)
Preliminary Engineer Report Checklist (Revised 4/4/2013)
Water/Sewer Funding Criteria by Agency
IL Dept of Ag Pipeline Construction Standards
1940-Q Exhibit A-1

CP Direct Illinois Field Offices Map & Contacts

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements:
ARRA Buy American Key Requirements
RD AN 4622(1924-A 1942-C, 1942-G, 1780) Application of Buy American Requirements to Projects Funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, January 24, 2011
Amendment to EJCDC Agreement
between Owner & Engineer Contracts
Buy American Certification
(Completed by Engineer) Exhibit 7 of AN 4622
Buy American Change Order Certification
(Completed by Engineer for design changes only)


Engineering Contacts
Illinois State Office
2118 West Park Court, Suite A
Champaign, IL 61821

Michael Wallace Community Programs Director
Tel: 217-403-6209/Fax:

Karen Lee Community Programs Specialist,
Tel: 217-403-6213/Fax:

Tina Anstrom, Community Programs Specialist
Tel: 217-403-6244/Fax: