Utilities Programs

Rural Development has been financing the construction of utilities for 70 years in order to raise the standard of living in rural areas.  These services were provided through some of the most successful government initiatives in American history.

Telecommunications Infrastructure:
Rural Broadband Loans and Loan Guarantees
can be used for the constructions, acquisition, and improvement of broadband transmission facilities and equipment; land and buildings used in providing broadband service; and the refinancing of Telecommunications Program debt.  The program is available in eligible rural communities with a population of 20,000 people or less.

Community Connect Grant is designed to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to eligible applicants that will provide currently unserved areas, on a ommunity-oriented connectivitybasis, with broadband transmission service that fosters economic growth and delivers enhanced educational, health care, and public safety services.  The program is available in eligible rural communities with a population of 20,000 people or less. 

Telecommunications Program Contact
Christopher L. Collins, General Field Representative
Phone: (573) 445-0765
Cell: (573) 208-0574
email: chris.collins@wdc.usda.gov

Electric Programs:
The Electric Program
makes loans and loan guarantees to finance the construction of electric distribution, transmission and generation facilities, including system improvements and replacement required to furnish and improve electric service in rural areas, and for demand side management, energy conservation programs, and on-grid and off-grid renewable energy systems.

The Electric Programs also provide financial assistance to rural communities with extremely high energy costs to acquire, construct, extend, upgrade, and otherwise improve energy generation, transmission, or distribution facilities.


Electric Program Contact