Self Help Technical Assistance Grants

Self Help Technical Assistance (TA) Grants to an organization pay the cost of developing and administering a program of technical and supervisory assistance to aid the very low and low income families in building their own homes. The dual purpose of this program is to fund organizations that are willing to locate and work with families that otherwise do not qualify as homeowners and help those families learn the skills of maintaining a home by participating in its construction.

Program Details

Applicant Eligibility: Applicant organization must be a state, political subdivision, public non-profit corporation (including Indian Tribes or tribal corporations), or qualifying private non-profit corporation. Eligible applicants may qualify for two separate grants under this program. In addition to the TA grant, an additional pre-development grant of up to $10,000 may also be available if the applicant organization lacks the financial resources to assemble the TA grant application.

Funding: Funding is based upon annual appropriations. The TA grant depends on the experience and capabilities of the applicant, and must be justified based upon the number of families to be assisted.

Terms: A TA grant agreement may be for up to two years, depending upon the size and complexity of the TA grant proposal.

Fees: None.

More Information & Applying: Contact a local office or call (785) 271-2700 for more information.