Rural Utilities Programs

Photo of Kentucky Jamestown Water Treatment Plant

Rural Development's Utilities Programs are dedicated to improving and expanding the infrastructure of water and waste disposal facilities, telephone, and electricity in rural America. Rural Development administers programs which provide needed assistance to public bodies, nonprofit corporations, and cooperatives to expand services and to update and rehabilitate aging systems in order to improve the quality of life in rural areas.

  • Water and Waste Disposal — This program provides loans, grants and loan guarantees for drinking water, sanitary sewer, solid waste and storm drainage facilities. Rural Development also offers grants to nonprofit organizations to provide technical assistance and training to assist rural communities with their water, wastewater and solid waste problems.

  • Technical Assistance and Training — Grant assistance is available to qualified applicants to identify and evaluate solutions to water and waste disposal problems, improve the operation and maintenance of existing water and waste disposal facilities and assist associations in preparing applications for water and waste disposal facilities.

  • Solid Waste Management — Grants are made to public and private nonprofit organizations to provide technical assistance and/or training to associations located in rural areas. Grant assistance must be used to reduce or eliminate pollution of water resources, and/or to improve planning and management of solid waste facilities. Grants are made to enhance skills in operations and maintenance, identify threats to water resources and reduce the solid waste stream.

  • Distance Learning and Telemedicine — This program is designed specifically to meet the educational and health care needs of rural America. Through loans, grants, and loan/grant combinations, advanced telecommunications technologies provide enhanced learning and health care opportunities for rural residents.

  • Rural Electric Program — Loan and loan guarantees are available to finance the construction of electric distribution, transmission and generation facilities (including system improvements and replacements required to furnish and import electric service in rural areas) and for demand-side management, energy conservation programs and on- and off-grid renewable energy systems.

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State Office Contacts

Vernon Brown, Program Director
771 Corporate Drive Ste 200
Lexington, KY 40503

Robert Dunn, Loan Specialist

Anthony Hollinsworth, Loan Specialist

Julie Anderson, State Engineer