Renewable Energy for America Program

USDA Rural Development can provide grants & loan guarantees to small rural businesses & agricultural producers for the purpose of installing renewable energy systems or energy efficiency improvements.

In Action

Berkshire East Ski Area is a vital contributor to the local economy of Charlemont, Massachusetts. As a family-owned business operating for more than 30 years in Franklin County, Berkshire East has drawn vital tourism to the town with a population of 1,134. With the installation of a 900kW wind turbine, financed in part by a $1.5 million loan guaranteed by USDA Rural Development , Berkshire East will generate enough electricity to power its operations and sell a small portion back to the grid. When considering state incentives for renewable energy development, this provide will yield a return on investment in approximately 8.5 years.

Renewable Energy for America Resources

Eligibility Map / Small Business Standards

Simple Application Template (Projects of less than $200,000)

Full Application Template (Projects of more than $200,000)

Necessary Forms:

Application (SF 424)

Budget (SF 424-C)

Assurances (SF 424-D)

Request for Environmental Information

Certification Regarding Debarment — Upper Tier

Certification Regarding Debarment — Lower Tier

Equal Opportunity Agreement

Assurance Agreement