The Single Family 502 Guaranteed Program enables moderate income families to obtain financing from approved GRH lenders in eligible rural areas with no down payment. There is a 2.0% GRH fee which may be financed. Closing costs and minor health and safety repairs can be included up to the appraised value.

The property being purchased must be located in an eligible rural area. Additionally, the borrower’s income must be within the parameters established for household size and the county where the property is located. To verify eligibility go to:

In order to originate GRH loans, you must be an approved lender or be a third party originator for an approved lender. We have created a GRH handbook to serve as a reference guide.

Guaranteed Underwriting System (GUS) is an automated underwriting platform to enable Approved Lenders to obtain a USDA underwriting concurrence.

Contact Steven Lacoste, State Office Housing Specialist, to set up a lender training.

Contact Information:

If you have questions, we have established dedicated email boxes for our GRH staff.  Please click here to contact us