(WEP) Water & Environmental Programs

USDA Rural Development administers water and waste disposal loan note guarantee, direct loan and grant programs, to improve and promote the quality of life and economic development in Rural America. This assistance is available through Rural Development’s Rural Utilities Programs. Funds are available to public entities, such as municipalities, counties, special purpose districts and Indian Tribes, as well as not-for-profit corporations.

In Action

The Town of North Brookfield received $1.24 million in loan and grant funds to complete repairs to the Horse Pond Dam (pictured above). The Pond is the Town’s principle water supply source. A certificate of Non-Compliance was issued by the Office of Dam Safety, jumpstarting the application process. Repairs included in the project are: corrections to the Dam’s spillway, low level outlet, seepage and stability concerns.

(WEP) Water & Environmental Resources

Water and Waste Disposal Programs: Offered to develop water and wastewater systems including solid waste disposal and storm drainage in rural areas and in cities and towns with a population of 10,000 or less.

Water and Waste Guaranteed Loans

Water and Waste Loans/Grant or combination

Pre-Development Planning Grants (PPG)

Nationally Administered Programs: The funds for the below referenced programs are administered by Rural Development’s National Office in Washington D.C.

Technical Assistance and Training Grants

Solid Waste Management Grants

Rural Water Circuit Rider Technical Assistance