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    LENDER-UPDATE: We are currently reviewing home loan guarantee applications received 09/11/14. Loan guarantee applications are reviewed in the order received.

    ***Effective 10/8 thru 10/10, we are reviewing our GUS internal process and making adjustments to improve our service to you. This review along with the federal holiday, 10/13 may result in a temporary delay in turn time. We apologize for any inconvenience. We should return to our posted turn time by 10/17. Please remember to check the website for the loan submittal date we are working.***

    Our loan guarantee programs stimulate job creation and support a healthy business environment by making it possible for private sector lenders to increase their investments in rural America. Federal loan guarantees mean borrowers have access to affordable capital and lenders improve their bottom line through access to secondary markets and higher lending limits. Both Maryland and Delaware lenders are helping their communities grow through participation in one or more of our loan guarantee programs. Click on a program below to learn more.

    We partner with private lenders to provide

  • Single Family Home Loan Guarantees--click here for additional information

  • For qualified individual/family borrowers in eligible rural communities.

    Statement On Non USDA Web Sites
    USDA Rural Development has identified several lending websites that erroneously suggest that they are endorsed by USDA or serve as an official representative of USDA. While the sites have the appearance of being official USDA sites and provide information on USDA's single-family housing guaranteed loan program, they are not government web sites and are not affiliated with USDA. Some of these sites offer on-line application services. The public is encouraged to use extreme caution when providing personal or financial information to these or any other web sites that do not end in ".gov". Identified sites have been asked to remove the use of USDA logos and any implied USDA endorsement from their website. USDA Rural Development certifies lending institutions that provide financing for single-family housing guaranteed loans. However, this certification should not be considered an endorsement of these lending institutions, nor should these lending institutions be considered representatives of USDA. Further information on USDA housing programs and office locations can be obtained by visiting the USDA Rural Development's website.

    Program Resources

    DE/MD Contact for the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program – Bill Marek, 301.797.0500, ext. 122 or bill.marek@md.usda.gov

    July 1 Roundtable Agenda

    Lenders Meeting Minutes From Roundtable

    SFHG Charts

    Lender Guide --FAQ's on Federal Guarantees for Rural Home Loans