Community Programs

(Community Facilities)

Community Facilities Programs provide loans, grants and loan guarantees for projects to develop essential community facilities for public use in rural areas. This may include hospitals, fire protection, public safety, libraries, schools, day care centers as well as many other community-based initiatives. Visit the following site for a complete overview: Community Facilities Programs. Please contact a local area office for more information or to apply.

Program Fact Sheets and Information

Direct Community Facility Programs - Loans made directly by USDA Rural Development with the intention to improve, develop, or finance essential community facilities in rural areas with populations less than or equal to 20,000. [Maine Fact Sheet]

Guaranteed Community Facility Programs - Loans made by conventional lenders and guaranteed by USDA Rural Development to improve or develop community facilities such as water and waste disposal facilities. [Maine Fact Sheet]

Community Facility Grant Program - Grants made to cover up to 75 percent of the cost of developing essential Community Facilities in rural areas with populations less than or equal to 20,000. [Maine Fact Sheet]

2000 CENSUS DATA for Community Programs grant eligibility tables by town - Statement on the 2010 Census

Rural Utilities Program

Distance Learning and Telecommunications - The Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program (DLT) is designed specifically to meet the educational and health care needs of rural America through advanced telecommunications technologies. [Maine Fact Sheet]

Water and Waste Direct Loan - To develop water and waste disposal systems in rural areas and towns with a population not in excess of 10,000. The funds are available to public bodies, non-profit corporations and Indian tribes. [Maine Fact Sheet]

Water and Waste Grant - To assist rural communities that have experienced a significant decline in quantity or quality of drinking water due to an emergency, or in which such decline is considered imminent, to obtain or maintain adequate quantities of water that meets the standards set by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water and Waste Guaranteed Loan - To provide a loan guarantee for the construction or improvement of water and waste disposal projects serving the financially needy communities in rural areas.

Solid Waste Management - To evaluate current landfill conditions to determine threats to water resources. Provide technical assistance and/or training to enhance operator skills in the operation and maintenance of active landfills.

Training and Technical Assistance - To make grants to non-profit organizations to provide technical assistance and/or training to associations on a wide range of issues relating to delivery of water and waste disposal service.

High Energy Cost Grants - To improve and provide energy generation, transmission and distribution facilities serving communities with average home energy costs exceeding 275% of the national average. [Maine Fact Sheet]

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