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Maine Rural Development State Office

Serving Maine's Four Field Offices and the Citizens of the State of Maine

967 Illinois Avenue,
Suite 4
Bangor, ME 04401

Tel: (207) 990-9160
Fax: (207) 990-9165
TDD/TTY: (207) 942-7331

Virginia Manuel, State Director

State Director's Office
Tel: (207) 990-9160 | Fax: (207) 990-9165

Jeff Bergeron, Secretary to the State Director; Ext. 161;

Emily Cannon, Public Affairs Specialist; Ext.175;

Tony Nedik, Human Resources Manager; Ext.108;

Administrative Programs Staff
Tel: (207) 990-9160 | Fax: (207) 990-9170

Human Resources
Dianne J. Everett, Human Resources Assistant; Ext. 104;

Budget Analyst
Vicki L. Leathers, Ext. 167;

Beth A. Chapman, Contract Specialist; Ext. 101;

Administrative Support
Patricia A. Shay, Management Support Assistant; Ext. 174;

Community Programs
Tel: (207) 990-9121 | Fax: (207) 990-9129

Ronald C. Lambert Jr., Community Programs Director

Scott T. Emery, Civil Engineer; Ext. 121;

Darrin S. Dyer, Construction Analyst; Ext. 121;

Herbert B. Gibson, Construction Analyst; Ext. 121;

Brian A. Wilson, Construction Analyst; Ext. 121;

Gary G. Vanidestine, Utilities Programs Specialist; Ext. 121;

Anne A. Eugley, Program Support Technician; Ext. 121;

Business Cooperative Programs
Tel: (207) 990-9168 | Fax: (207) 990-9129

Dean Churchill, Business-Cooperative Programs Director

Penny Jo Holmes, Business Programs Technician; Ext. 168;

Beverly A. Stone, Business Programs Specialist; Ext. 168;

Housing Programs
Tel: (207) 990-9110 | Fax: (207) 990-9119

Dale D. Holmes, Housing Program Director

Duke Simoneau, Appraiser; Ext. 110;

Robert J. Nadeau, MFH Specialist; Ext. 110;

Tammy L. Carter, MFH Technician; Ext. 110;

Rachel L. Henderson, SFH Program Support Technician; Ext. 110;

State Director's Special Emphasis Coordinators
Tel: (207) 990-9160
Unless Otherwise Noted*

Vacant, Appeals Coordinator

Robert J. Nadeau, Civil Rights Coordinator; Ext. 110;

Vacant, Disability Employment Program Manager

Beth A. Chapman, Employee Assistance Coordinator; Ext. 110;

Scott T. Emery, Environmental Coordinator; Ext. 121;

Emily Cannon, FOIA Officer; Ext. 175;

Darrin S. Dyer, GIS Coordinator; Ext. 121;

Vacant, Hispanic Program Manager

Gary Vanidestine, *Native American Coordinator; Ext. 121;

Last Modified:08/23/2013 
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