Business & Industry Loan Guarantees

Purpose: To improve, develop, and/or finance business, industry, and employment and improve the economic and environmental climate in rural communities through the guarantee of quality loans, providing lasting community benefits.

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    Instruction References:

  • 4279-A Guaranteed Loanmaking, General
  • 4279-B Guaranteed Loanmaking, Business & Industry Loans
  • 4287-B, Servicing Business & Industry Guaranteed Loans
  • National Office Resources for Lenders

    We are now accepting pre-applications and applications from lenders for B&I guaranteed loans through e-mail submission. The Pre-Application and Application Submission Information links below provides a list of required documents as well as links to forms, checklists or other sites to assist you in completing the application. Once you have prepared and gathered the required information rather than mailing a paper copy you can submit via email.

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  • Application Submission Information