Business & Industry Loan Guarantees

Application Submission Requirements
The following items are required for submission of a complete Application. Prepare and gather the following information and click here to email.

  1. Form RD 4279-1 Parts A and B: Application for B&I Loan Guarantee
    • *Signed by lender and borrower
  2. DUNS Number*Needed to complete Block 13 on Form RD 4279-1
  3. AD Form 3030: Representations Regarding Felony Conviction & Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants
  4. Form RD 1940-20: Request for Environmental Information and attachments
  5. State Historic Preservation Office Notification (SHPO)
  6. TSQ or Phase I due diligence if taking real estate as collateral -- Link provided to clarify requirement.
  7. Flood Plain Map, FEMA Map
  8. Flood Hazard Determination, OMB 3067-0264
  9. Personal Credit Reports, obtained by the lender, from an acceptable credit reporting company, for each of the following owning 20 percent or more interest in the applicant
  10. *Exceptions include those corporations listed on a major stock exchange
    • Partner
    • Officer
    • Director
    • Key Employee
    • Stockholder
  11. Commercial Credit Reports, obtained by the lender, i.e. Dun & Bradstreet, of the
    • borrower and
    • any parent,
    • affiliate,
    • subsidiary firms.
  12. Appraisal (less than 12 months old), accompanied by
    • a copy of the appropriate environmental site assessment and
    • the lender’s technical review of the appraisal.
  13. Lender's written analysis of the following:
    • Spreadsheets of the balance sheets and income statements for the 3 previous years (for existing businesses)
    • Pro forma balance sheet at start-up
    • 2 years projected year-end balance sheets and income statements, with appropriate ratios and comparisons with industrial standards (i.e. Dun & Bradstreet or Robert Morris Associates)
    • All data must be shown in total dollars and also in common size form, obtained by expressing all balance sheet items as a percentage of assets and all income and expense items as a percentage of sales
    • Borrower's:
      • Management ability
      • Repayment ability, including a cash-flow analysis
      • History of debt repayment
      • Necessity of any debt refinancing
      • RD requirement for Tangible Balance Sheet Equity (TBSE) is 20% for new borrowers and 10% for existing borrowers. Please see the following link to determine if your borrower will meet the TBSE requirement: Tangible Balance Sheet EquityTangible Balance Sheet Equity requirement
      • Average Hourly Wage Rate for jobs created *used for scoring purposes
  14. For Personal and Corporate Guarantors
    • Current Personal Financial Statements
    • Current Corporate Financial Statements
  15. Proposed Loan Agreement -- See link for requirements
  16. Independent feasibility study if completed. If not provided and further USDA RD analysis of the complete application determines the need for a feasibility study, one will be required.
  17. For companies listed on major stock exchange or subject to SEC regulations, provide:
  18. For Health Care Facilities ONLY: Certificate of Need -- if required by statute to be determined the lender.

If not previously provided in a pre-application, also provide the following:

  1. Current (less than 90 days old)
      1. Balance sheet
      2. Profit and loss statement
      3. Pro-forma at start-up
      4. Two-year projections with list of assumptions including:
        • Balance Sheet
        • Income Statement
        • Cash Flow
  2. Financial Statements, for the borrower and any parent, affiliates, and subsidiaries, for the last 3 years
  3. Form 4279-2: Certification of Non-Relocation & Market Capacity Information Report
  4. Business Plan -- Required for all applications, including refinance (omit if a feasibility study is provided)

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