Business & Industry Loan Guarantees

Pre-Application Submission Requirements: The following items are required for submission of a complete Pre-Application. Prepare and gather the following information and click here to email.

  1. Pre-Application Form
    • signed by the lender and borrower
  2. RD requirement for Tangible Balance Sheet Equity (TBSE) is 20% for new borrowers and 10% for existing borrowers. Please see the following link to determine if your borrower will meet the TBSE requirement.
  3. Financial Statements for Existing businesses:
    • Current balance sheet (not more than 90 days old)
    • Profit and Loss statement (not more than 90 days old)
    • Financial statements for the borrower and any parent, affiliates, and subsidiaries for the last 3 years
  4. A Business Plan is required for all applications, including a refinance. Please see the following link for a checklist of items required in the Business Plan.
    • Business Plan -- Required for all applications, including a refinance
  5. If loan is more than $1 million AND there is more than a 50-employee increase, please provide:
  6. To ensure you have prepared a complete pre-application please complete the Pre-Application Checklist
  7. Click here to email application.

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