Information for Guaranteed Single-Family Housing Lenders

Today is Monday, December 22, 2014                       
  • We will do our best to provide daily updates on our status regarding conditional commitments and loan note guarantees. Before calling our office or e-mailing for status updates, please first check our website to find out what day we are currently working on. Thank you.
  •  1. Intake from general e-mail box:  E-mails received December 19
  • 2. Conditional Commitments Working files received December 17
  • 3. Loan Note Guarantees Finishing files received October 30

Please note: that we are closed December 25 and 26, re-opening on Monday December 29.  We will do our best throughout the holidays to update our website.   Happy Holidays to all from Minnesota's Rural Development Single Family Guaranteed Program!

Please note:  You can also get the above information by calling our Auto Phone line - 651-602-7874

  • Please limit all calls and e-mails to those that are essential.  We work through e-mails in the order they are received and will respond as soon as possible.

  • Files are worked in the order they are received.   FYI – we cannot and will not prioritize any files over others for any reason!  Please do not ask.

  • A file is "received" when it is fully complete and correct and that is when the file is placed "in line". 

  • Only one person should ever contact us regarding a file and that one person, should be the Underwriter or the contact person listed on the 3555-21.  If you are already working with a Specialist on a file then that is who you should be talking to. Do not call and/or e-mail multiple people regarding one question or file! 

    As an approved lender it is your responsibility to submit a fully complete and correct package.  A place "in line" will not be saved by submitting an incomplete file or a file with errors.  Once we determine the file is fully complete and correct, then the file will be placed in line.

  • Regarding complete files, please note that the RD 3555-21 (now one form that combines the obsolete forms 1980-21 and Income Calculation Worksheet), "Request for Single Family Housing Loan Guarantee" form, is our required legal document and must be 100 percent complete and signed by both the Lender and the Borrower(s) and each page initialed at the bottom by the Borrower(s).    If not, your file is not considered complete and will not be placed in line.  

    To avoid delays in receiving loan note guarantees, please ask your closing departments to review files and make sure they are complete with all conditions met before submitting for review - this includes the new closing process as well as the old.  Thanks!!

  •  If you want to be added to our e-mail list, please e-mail Jaci Betcher at 


    Contact and other Information

  • E-mail address for credit packages and general
  • e-mail address for loan note guarantees and closing questions:      Thank you
  • Fax number for credit package submissions: (651) 602-7833.
  • If mailing credit packages and/or funding fee checks, send to USDA Rural Development, Attn: Guaranteed Single-Family Housing, 375 Jackson St., Suite 410, St. Paul, MN 55101.
  • All general questions should be directed to  or the Auto Phone Line at 651-602-7874 except for closing questions which should be directed to unless you have been working directly with a specialist. If you have been working with a specialist, then all questions, documentation, etc. should go directly to that specialist.
  • Please note what day(s) we are working on for e-mails and files.  If your file was submitted after that, do not contact us regarding status of your files. Have only one person contact us so we don't end up with multiple people following up on the same issue. Don't call to ask us for a "rush" as all files are worked in the order that they are received
  • Be sure to bookmark this page and check it daily for the latest updates. Refresh the page if it is not updated. We will try to have it updated by 8 a.m. every morning.