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In addition to providing grants for rural energy projects themselves, REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) also offers grants to small businesses and farmers & ranchers to help them pay for the cost of a detailed, professional, independent feasibility study on their prospective renewable energy projects.  (The study cannot be conducted by the developer or an affiliate; it must be done by a truly independent party.)  Assistance is limited to $50,000 or 25% of the cost of the study, whichever is less.

Note:  A REAP Feasibility Study grant helps pay for the cost of a final, comprehensive business-level study that gathers together and evaluates all of the preliminary data and studies and reaches a determination as to the viability and profitability of the proposed energy project.  In addition, the grant may be used for a Resource Assessment study, a Transmission study, and/or an Environmental study that would inform such a study.  The grant may not be used to pay for facility design work or permitting/licensing costs, nor may it be used for "industry-level" studies that would serve as a template for more than one project. 

Getting Started

  1. On-line "rural area" identifier - (click here to determine if an address is rural [and eligible} or not) RD Business and Cooperative Program assistance is designed to assist rural businesses and rural entrepreneurs. Each RD program has its own definition of "rural" which guides its availability. Non-rural projects are typically ineligible.  All REAP projects must be in a rural location.
  2. What is a "small business"? - REAP feasibility study grants are strictly limited to small businesses or farmers/ranchers
  3. What is a feasibility study? - REAP feasibility study grants can help pay the cost of obtaining an independent, professional feasibility study, which in turn may help the small business or farmer to obtain a REAP energy project grant.
Application Template REAP Feasibility Study grant application template- this template contains all of the forms and other information needed to apply, in a single Word document.

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