Business and Cooperative Programs

RBCS TK Stanley

T.K. Stanley, Inc. of Waynesboro, Mississippi, a recipient of a guaranteed loan through the Rural Business & Cooperatives Service operations can be shown above.

Cooperatives are a cornerstone of business development in rural communities, and can provide residents with new job opportunities, enhanced educational and health care services, and products which enable them to compete in today’s global marketplace. Cooperative Programs provide assistance for rural residents interested in forming new cooperatives and administers programs that fund value-added producer grants, rural cooperative development centers, and small socially-disadvantaged producers. Visit the following site for a complete overview: Cooperative Programs.

Mississippi Highlights

2014 Investments
Rural Business Enterprise Grants $ 564,000
Rural Cooperative Development Grants $ 71,988
Small Socially Disadvantaged Producer Grants $ 400,000
Rural Community Advancement Program $ 3,000,000
Rural Micro-Entrepreneur Assistance Program $ 30,000
Rural Energy for America Program $ 288,000
Delta Health Care Services Grant $ 1,475,625
Business & Industry Loan Guarantee $ 27,000,000
Rural Economic Development Loan Program $ 4,000,000
Total Investments $ 36,829,613

Business & Industry Guaranteed Loan Program Information

A variety of documents for the Business & Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loan program are listed below for your convenience.

Links to Regulations

Business Grant Programs Information

  • Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG) More information on the VAPG program, including application procedures, can be found here.
  • Rural Business Opportunity Grant (RBOG) The notice of funding availability for the RBOG program can be found here.
  • RBEG Application Packet

Energy Programs Information
For more information on Rural Development’s Energy Programs, including application procedures, click here.

Rural Energy for America Program

Business & Cooperative Programs Contacts

G. Gary Jones, Program Director
100 W. Capital St., Suite 831
Jackson, MS 39269
Phone: (601)965-5457 Fax: (601)965-4566

Cynthia White, Specialist
100 W. Capital St., Suite 831
Jackson, MS 39269
Phone: (601)965-5457 Fax: (601)965-4566

Michael Ladner, Loan Specialist
12238 Ashley Dr.
Gulfport, MS 39503
(228-831-0881, ext. 111)

Cathy Grantham
100 W. Capital St., Suite 831
Jackson, MS 39269
Phone: (601)965-5457 Fax: (601)965-4566

Linda Brunson
100 W. Capital St., Suite 831
Jackson, MS 39269
Phone: (601)965-5457 Fax: (601)965-4566