State National Application Deadlines Banner

Unless otherwise indicated below, applications are accepted year-round for our programs. Approved applications will be funded as dollars are made available. You may also check for the latest Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) for Rural Development. The Fiscal Year for the federal government runs from October 1 - September 30.

Rural Business Enterprise Grant
Deadline for Native American Set-Aside: April 9, 2012
Deadline for State Funds FY11: May 18, 2012
Deadline for National Pooling Funds FY11: TBD
Rural Business Opportunity Grant
Deadline for FY11: TBD
Intermediary Relending Program
Deadline for FY12: June 1, 2012
Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant
Deadline for FY12: Monthly
Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program
Deadline for FY12: TBD
Rural Cooperative Development Grant
Deadline for FY11: TBD
Value Added Producer Grant
Deadline for FY11: TBD
Rural Energy for America Program
Deadline for FY11 Grant & Loan/Grant: March 30, 2012
Deadline for FY11 Guarantee only: June 29, 2012
Deadline for FY11 Feasibility Grant: March 30, 2012