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North Dakota

North Dakota Instructions                                                Back to regulation page

Instruction Title Bulletin
1780-A Water and Waste Loans and Grants - Bulletin 1780-1, 1780-1 and Attachment A; Bulletin 1780-2, 1780-2 and Attachment A; Bulletin 1780-3 and Attachments A, A1, B, B1,C and D; Bulletin 1780-4, 1780-4 and Attachment A; Bulletin 1780-5; Bulletin 1780-6.
1794-A Environmental Policies and Procedures - Bulletin 1794-A 602.
1901-E Civil Rights Compliance Requirements - Exhibit A.
1901-F Procedures for the Protection of Historical and Archeological Properties - Exhibit A; Appendix A; Appendix B.
1922-B Appraisal - Exhibit A.
1940-G Environmental Program - Guide 1.
1942-A Community Facilities Loan - Guide 1; Guide 1 and Attachment 1; Guide 2; Guide 3; Guide 3 and Attachment A; Guide 3 and Attachment B; Guide 3 and Attachment C; Guide 4; Guide 5; Exhibit 1.
1942-G Rural Business Enterprise Grants and Television Demonstration Grants - Exhibit A; Exhibit B; Exhibit C; Exhibit D; Guide 1; Guide 2; Guide 3; Exhibit C and Attachment 1; Exhibit B and Attachment 1.
1944-N Rural Housing Preservation Grants - Exhibit A.
1980-D Rural Housing Loans - Exhibit A; Exhibit F.
2006-F Delegations of Authority (Exhibits Attached to Instruction).
2006-G Designation of Acting Officials
2015-E Availability of Information Under the Privacy Act - Exhibit A; Exhibit B.
2018-F Availability of Information - Guide 1; Exhibit 1; Exhibit 2; Exhibit 3; Exhibit 4; Exhibit 5; Exhibit 6.
2033-A Records Management of Rural Development Field Offices (Exhibits Attached to Instruction).
3570-B Community Facilities Grant Program - Exhibit 1.
3575-A Community Programs Guaranteed Loans - Guide 1.
4284-G Rural Business Opportunity Grants (RBOG) - Exhibit A; Exhibit B; Guide 1; Guide 2.
Last Modified:01/22/2014 
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