Preliminary Engineering Report Guide

Engineering Contracts (Water & Environmental Program)

USDA has worked with the Engineers Joint Contract Document Council (EJCDC) to develop a set of documents with Federal requirements included. The EJCDC 2014 engineering agreement is preapproved. Otherwise contact the State Engineer for more information.

Property Docket

  • Property Docket Guide: What is required to complete the property docket. This must be completed after obligation and before bidding.
  • RD 442-20: Property Docket Form, Right-of-Way Easement-Sample Easement.
  • RD 442-21: Property Docket Form, Right-of-Way Certificate-Owner's Responsibility.
  • RD 442-22: Property Docket Form, Opinion of Counsel Relative to Rights-of-Way-Attorney's Responsibility.
  • RD 1927-09: Property Docket Form, Preliminary Title Opinion-Attorney's Responsibility.
  • RD 1927-10: Property Docket Form, Final Title Opinion-Attorney's Responsibility

Design Standards

  • RD Instructions 1780: Design standards and project development regulations are in Section 57. Plans and specifications shall be submitted to the USDA Rural Development Engineer for review of these standards.
  • RD Instruction 1792: To meet seismic requirements all buildings must be designed according to 1997 Uniform Building Code or the 1995 ASCE 7 Standard. This should be noted on the front sheet of the plans or use Form 1792-C NE.

Water & Environmental Disposal Construction Contracts (Water & Environmental Program)

USDA Rural Development is required to have the Office of General Counsel (OGC) approve all construction contracts. There are two OGC preapproved contracts. For contracts under $100,000 or if another contract is proposed, contact the State Engineer.

  • Engineers Joint Contract Document Council (EJCDC) 2013 Version is acceptable.
  • RD Bulletin 1780-26
  • Advertise for Bids - EJCDC C-111 (2013)
  • Instructions to Bidders: EJCDC C-200(13) following Bulletin guidance
  • Bid Form: EJCDC C-410(13) following Bulletin guidance
  • Bid Bond: EJCDC C-430(13)
  • Notice of Award: C-510(13) - Note: owner must obtain Agency concurrance prior to award.
  • Agreement: EJCDC C-520(13) following Bulletin guidance
  • Performance Bond: EJCDC C-610(13)
  • Payment Bond: EJCDC C-615(13)
  • Notice to Proceed: EJCDC C-550(13)
  • Equal Opportunity Employment: Certification that the contractor is in compliance with EEO laws for contracts over $10,000.
  • Form AD 1048: Certification that the contractor is not debarred from doing federal projects over $25,000.
  • Disclosure of Lobbying Activities: Certification that lobbying activities of the contractor are legal for contracts over $100,000.
  • General Conditions: EJCDC C-700(13)
  • Supplemental General Conditions: EJCDC C-800(13) following Bulletin guidance
  • Certificate of Owner's Attorney: Template GC-A of this Bulletin
  • Pay Estimate: EJCDC C-615(13)
  • Change Order: EJCDC C-941(13)
  • Construction Sign: This is the Temporary construction sign layout.
  • Engineer's Certification of Final Plans & Specifications: Template GC-B of this Bulletin.

Post Construction Phase

Any remaining funds may be applied to other needs mentioned in the PER. However, the funds need to be spent within 120 days of the final inspection. We recommend a proposal to spend remaining funds be discussed at the pre-final inspection and requested prior to final inspection. Construction should be done within 120 days. Guidance can be found at NE AN 2409-Unused Project Funds for Water and Wastewater Projects. RUS Instruction 1780.

Contact the State Engineer.