Home Repair Loan and Grant Program

Provides funds for necessary repairs to owner-occupied homes in rural areas ( i.e. roofs, windows, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.).


  • Eligible are very low-income home owner-occupants.
  • Very low-income limits.
  • To qualify for a grant, the homeowner must be 62 years of age or older and be unable to repay a loan.
  • Applicants for a loan must have an acceptable credit history, adequate repayment ability, and be unable to obtain the needed credit from commercial sources.

Loan Terms and Conditions:

  • Loan funds can be used for the removal of health and safety hazards or for general updating/remodeling of a home..
  • The maximum loan amount is $20,000 (outstanding).
  • The loan term can be up to 20 years.
  • The interest rate is one percent for repair loans.
  • A deed of trust is required on loans exceeding $7,500 or greater.
  • Grant agreements are required to be signed by all grantees.
  • Grant funds can ONLY be used to remove health and safety hazards.
  • The maximum grant amount is a lifetime assistance of $7,500.
  • Rural Home Repair Loan and Grant Program Fact Sheet