Business & Cooperative Programs

Business Programs work in partnership with the private sector and community-based organizations to provide financial assistance and business planning. Recipients may include individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, public bodies, nonprofit corporations, Indian tribes, and private companies. Visit the Business Programs for a complete overview.

Cooperatives are a cornerstone of business development in rural communities, and can provide residents with new job opportunities, enhanced educational and health care services, and products which enable them to compete in todays global marketplace. Cooperative Programs provide assistance for rural residents interested in forming new cooperatives and administer programs that fund value-added producer grants, rural cooperative development centers, and small socially-disadvantaged producers. Visit the Cooperative Programs site for a complete overview.

Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program helps improve, develop, or finance business, industry, and employment and improve the economic and environmental climate in rural communities. This purpose is achieved by bolstering the existing private credit structure through the guarantee of quality loans which will provide lasting community benefits. Visit the Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program page for a complete program overview.

Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) Program Information
Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) helps facilitate development of small and emerging rural businesses by providing grants for rural projects to eligible economic development organizations and municipalities. Visit the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program page for New Hampshire and Vermont.

Rural Business Opportunity Grant (RBOG) the primary objective of the program is to promote sustainable economic development in rural communities with exceptional needs. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Visit the Rural Business Opportunity Grant program page for New Hampshire and Vermont.

Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) program offers grants, guaranteed loans, and combination grant/guaranteed loans to help agricultural producers and rural small businesses in rural areas purchase and install renewable energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements to their current operations. Visit the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) page for a complete program overview including application procedures. If you are interested in applying, please review the REAP Fact Sheet then complete and the VT-NH Intake Form to obtain a pre-application eligibility determination.

Intermediary Relending Program (IRP) program helps alleviate poverty and increase economic activity and employment in rural communities by providing loans to economic development (intermediaries) for the establishments of revolving loan funds. Visit the Intermediary Relending Program page for complete information including application guidelines and forms.

Value-Added Producer Grant (VAPG) program helps agricultural producers undertake value-added activities related to the processing and/or marketing of bio-based value-added products. The program aims to generate new products, create and expand marketing opportunities and increase producer income. Visit the Value-Added Producer Grant page for a complete program overview including application guidance and procedures.

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