Water and Environmental Programs Preliminary Engineering

A Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) is the basic engineering document in an application for funding from /rural Development Water and Environmental Program.

The PER describes the need for the project, presents an analysis of the alternatives to the proposed project, including a life cycle present worth cost analysis of any feasible alternatives, a description of the proposed project, a detailed construction cost estimate, a total project cost estimate, and an annual operating budget.

The document is submitted along with a complete application to the Rural Development Processing Office for review.  The PER and the Environmental Report should be submitted at the same time.  The Processing Office sends the PER to the State Engineer for a full review prior to consideration for funding.

The following RUS Bulletins outline in detail the required content of a PER:

RUS Bulletin 1780-2 Preliminary Engineering Report Guide

EDU Worksheet

VT/NH PER Review Checklist