Water and Environmental Programs Construction Contracts

Construction contracts for projects receiving exclusively Rural Development Rural Utilities Service (RUS) funds shall use the Standard Construction Contract Documents prepared by the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC). RUS Bulletin 1780-26 contains guidance on how to prepare the contract documents. Assemble the documents in order as follows:

RUS Contracts, EJCDC 2007 Documents

Table of Contents: Prepared by Consultant
Advertisement for Bids: RUS Bulletin 1780-26 Attachment E (Or approved equal by RD)
Instruction to Bidders: RUS Bulletin 1780-26 Attachment F
Bid Form: RUS Bulletin 1780-26 Attachment G (Or approved equal by RD)
Bid Bond: EJCDC C-430 (07)
Compliance Statement: Form RD 400-6
Certification Regarding Debarment: Form AD-1048
Certification for Contracts, Grants & Loans: RD Instr. 1940-Q, Exhibit A-1
Notice of Award: EJCDC C-510 (07)
Suggested Form of Agreement Between Owner & Contractor: EJCDC C-520 (07)
Notice to Proceed: EJCDC C-550 (07)
Performance Bond: EJCDC C-610 (10)
Payment Bond: EJCDC C-615 (10)
Contractor's Application for Payment: EJCDC C-620 (07) (Or approved equal by RD)
Certificate of Substantial Completion: EJCDC C-625 (07)
Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract: EJCDC C-700 (07)
Supplementary Conditions: RUS Bulletin 1780-26 Attachment H
Change Order: EJCDC C-941 (07) (Or approved equal by RD)
Project Sign: Project Sign in doc and ppt and pdf formats (Update for multi agency)

Click to download RUS Bulletin 1780-26 in its entirety.

Projects funded by RUS regular funds only are not subject to the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act.  If funds are provided by an agency subject to the Act, the entire project will be subject to the Act, and Labor Standards and Wage Determinations will apply.  Requirements of other funding or regulatory agencies may be met by inserting additional documents. 

Projects funded with RUS and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services funds may utilize pre-approved joint contract documents available at: http://des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/wweb/revforms.htm

Projects funded with RUS and Vermont Agency of Natural Resources funds are handled on a case by case basis.

All plans and specifications must be reviewed and approved by RUS prior to going out to bid.  Please contact Jonathan Harries, State Engineer at 802-828-6035 or jonathan.harries@vt.usda.gov with any questions.