Rural Business Enterprise Grants

The following items are required for a complete Rural Business Enterprise Grant (RBEG) application. Applicants should thoroughly read the Application Guide and contact their State Program Specialist prior to applying for a grant. Applicants may also refer to the RBEG program page and the 1942-G Program Regulation.

State Program Specialist:

Vermont and New Hampshire: Susan Poland

I. Application Deadlines. The application deadline varies each year based on funding availability. You may also contact your State Program Specialist for this information.

II. A complete application includes the following Scope of Work and Agency Forms: Scope of Work: Please refer to Section 1942.314 (pages 15-16) of the Rural Business Enterprise regulation in order to comply with the Scope of Work content criteria. (Hyperlink Scope of Work document to bold and underlined Scope of Work:)

III. Use the Application Instructions specific to your project (choose one below)

IV. Use the Necessary Forms required for all RBEG Applications below

V. For ALL applicants applying for Northeast Kingdom REAP Zone funding complete endorsement process below:

VI. Additional forms are required for grant requests exceeding $100,000

VII. Additional forms are required for Facility & Equipment or Revolving Loan Funds Application