Community Facilities

As a part of USDA Rural Development, our mission is to improve the quality of life in rural areas. The Community Facilities Programs provides financial assistance to build childcare centers, fire and police stations, hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, schools, and much more.

Through this program, the Community Facility Program provides guarantees up to 90% of the amount of a loan from a private lender to a public or nonprofit entity to be used for the construction of an essential community facility. Many community borrowers in the Community Facilities Guaranteed Loan Program are able to leverage loan guarantees with funds from private, state and local sources.

The Community Facilities also has a Grant Program used to fund projects under special initiatives, such as Native American community development efforts; child care centers linked with the Federal government's Welfare-to-Work initiative; Federally-designated Enterprise and Champion Communities, and the Northwest Economic Adjustment Initiative area.

In most cases, grantees are able to leverage Community Facility funds with private and state dollars to enable completion of more construction than might have otherwise been possible.

The Community Facility Programs provides funds to assist in the development of essential community facilities in rural areas and towns of up to 20,000 in population. Grants are authorized on a graduated scale. Applicants located in small communities with low populations and low incomes will receive a higher percentage of grants.

FY-2010 Community Facility Investment in Rural New Mexico

Step Up Child Care (Day Care) $ 75,000
Anansi Charter School (School) 50,000
Acoma Pueblo (Community center) 1,500,000
HELP, Inc. (Columbus, NM Day Care) 22,702
HELP, Inc. (T or C, NM Day Care) 10,725
HELP, Inc. (Lordsburg, NM Day Care) 22,702
Embudo (Library) 115,866
Bayard (Police cars) 116,000
Belen (Fire Trucks) 500,500
Bayard (Library) 370,000
Corrales (Solar power for water tanks) 1,370,466
Anton Chico (Library) 70,000
Pecos Valley (Medical Center) 3,000,000
La Clinica del Pueblo (Ambulance) 24,500
Total $7,248,461