Water and Environmental Page

The goal of the Community Program is to target Federal investment to rural communities with the most serious drinking water quality, quantity and dependability problems. The water and wastewater programs focus on the needs of rural Americans who lack safe drinking water in their homes. Having clean, healthy, safe water often means the difference between a high incidence of diseases and infections and a low one; good and poor health; no and adequate fire protection; and economic vitality and stagnation in America's rural areas.

The financing of the water and waste disposal (including solid waste disposal and storm drainage) systems is made available in rural areas and towns with a population not in excess of 10,000. The funds are available to public entities such as municipalities, counties, special-purpose districts, Indian tribes, and corporations not operated for profit. CP also guarantees water and waste disposal loans made by banks and other eligible lenders.

    Applicants must:
  • Be unable to obtain needed funds from commercial sources at reasonable rates and terms.
  • Have the legal capacity to borrow and to repay loans, to pledge security for loans, and to operate and maintain the facilities.
  • Propose facilities that are consistent with any development plans of the State, multi-jurisdictional area, counties, or municipalities where the project is to be located. All facilities must comply with Federal, State, and local laws, including those involving zoning regulations, health and sanitation standards, and water pollution control.

  • Grants may be provided when necessary to reduce user costs to a reasonable level. Loan guarantees may be available for up to 90 percent of any eligible loss incurred by the lender. Lenders pay a 1 percent guarantee fee, which may be passed on to the loan recipient.

Direct loans and/or grants have been set aside for:

  • Communities along the U.S.-Mexico border designated as "Colonias."
  • Areas designated Empowerment Zones/Enterprise Communities and Rural Economic Area Partnership Zones.
  • Any federally recognized Indian Tribe.
  • Water emergencies and disaster relief.

FY-2010 Water and Environmental Investment in Rural New Mexico

Water and wastewater $22,906,543
Native American Set aside $31,467,417
Total $54,373,960