Architectural and Construction Documents


The Community Facility (CF) program provides funds for the construction of new buildings or renovation of existing facilities. The development of these facilities involves the need for architectural services for the preparation of plans, specifications, public bidding, contracting, construction, and construction monitoring.

Applicants should prepare a Preliminary Architectural Feasibility Report in accordance with Guide 6 of RD Instruction 1942-A. Schematic drawings and/or a floor and site plan are required along with a cost estimate. These documents are needed to determine the project's feasibility. New York’s State Architect will evaluate and provide architectural/construction guidance to the applicants and their architects, for RD financed architectural projects, in the following areas:

• Evaluation of the proposed project

• Review of the Preliminary Architectural Feasibility Report

• Agency concurrence of Owner/Architect Agreements

• Agency acceptance of Plans & Specifications

• Agency concurrence of Construction Contract documents

• Construction monitoring


For specific architectural or construction related questions, please contact our State Architect in New York:

Kim Peden, R.A., State Architect
441 S. Salina St., Suite 357, Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: (315) 477-6472 | Fax: (315) 477-6468