Biorefinery Repowering Assistance Program (Section 9004)

This program was created by the 2008 Farm Bill. It provides financial incentives to existing rural biorefinery owners who want to replace their fossil fuel-powered heat or power systems with biomass-powered systems. (Biorefineries are defined as facilities that primarily convert renewable biomass into liquid transportation biofuels.)

An independent feasibility study on the conversion is required in support of each application. Rural Development will award Section 9004 assistance to the most meritorious proposals via a national competition. Awardees will receive payments of up to 50 percent of the cost of their repowering project, not to exceed $5 million. The incentive is paid 20 percent upon project completion and semiannually thereafter at the rate of $0.50 per million BTU of biomass energy produced for three years or until the award amount is reached. In FY2011, approximately $25 million is available until funds are expended.



Getting Started


Application Process and Forms

  • Form RD 9004-1, Repowering Assistance Program Application. (NOTE: Applications for this program are sent directly to Washington, DC.)

  • Form RD 9004-2, Repowering Assistance Program Agreement

  • Forms for grant applicants - Follow this link to obtain the forms mentioned in the Federal Register notice above.



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Oregon Contacts for Rural Energy Programs

State Office Contacts

Main Phone: (503) 414-3366
TDD:  (503) 414-3387
Fax:  (503) 414-3397

USDA Rural Development
Attn: Business & Co-op Programs
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Ste. 801
Portland, OR 97232-1274

Don Hollis
, State Renewable Energy Coordinator, Business Programs Specialist, REAP
(541) 278-8049 ext. 129

John Holman
, Business Programs Technician
(503) 414-3369


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