Section 9008 Biomass Research & Development Initiative (Section 9008)

The 9008 program provides grants to national laboratories, research agencies, universities, nonprofits, and private sector entities for research and demonstration projects to advance biomass-based fuels, with an emphasis on cellulosic ethanol. Grants cannot exceed 80 percent on research and development or 50 percent on demonstration projects. Grants are awarded via a national competition based on merit.

Most recent Federal Register notice inviting applications - Preapplications were due March 6, 2009.



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Biomass Research & Development Initiative


Oregon Contacts for Rural Energy Programs

State Office Contacts

Main Phone: (503) 414-3369
TDD:  (503) 414-3387
Fax:  (503) 414-3394

USDA Rural Development
Attn: Business & Co-op Programs
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Ste. 801
Portland, OR 97232-1274

Don Hollis
, State Renewable Energy Coordinator, Business Programs Specialist, REAP
(541) 278-8049 ext. 129

John Holman
, Business Programs Technician
(503) 414-3369

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