Advanced Biofuel Producer Payment Program (Section 9005)

This new program was created by the 2008 Farm Bill. It makes incentive payments to all enrolled producers of "advanced biofuels." (Advanced biofuels include commercial-quality biodiesel, ethanol made from non-corn-kernel starch feedstock (including cellulosic ethanol), and other types of biofuel and biogas) Payments are intended to encourage the expanding production of these biofuels.  The size of the incentive payment will depend on the number of producers participating in the program and the BTUs of biofuel produced. Rural and urban producers are eligible for these incentives.


The advanced Biofuels Program sign-up period starts 10/1 and ends 10/31 of each fiscal year. For more information regarding signing up, contact Don Hollis at (541)278-8049 ext. 129 or by e-mail at

Advanced Biofuel Producer Payment Program Overview

Getting Started
4288-B Rule governing the program

Application Process and Forms
Form RD 4288-1, Advanced Biofuel Payment Program Annual Application

Enrollment Checklist - Please make sure to complete all applicable areas on checklist.

Enrollment Certification - Please provide with your application

1940-Q, Exhibit A-1 "Certification for Contracts"

Form RD 4288-2, Advanced Biofuel Payment Program Contract
Form RD 4288-3, Advanced Biofuel Payment Program Payment Request
Other forms for grant applicants - follow this link to obtain the forms mentioned in the Federal Register notice above


Contact Rural Development

State Office Contacts

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USDA Rural Development
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Lisa Siesennop,
Business and Cooperative Programs Director                                     (503)414-3367
Don Hollis
, State Renewable Energy Coordinator, Business Programs Specialist, REAP
(541) 278-8049 ext. 129

John Holman
, Business Programs Technician
(503) 414-3369



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