Multi-Family Housing (MFH) Programs in Oregon

Multi-Family Housing Programs offer Rural Rental Housing Loans to provide affordable multi-family rental housing for very low-, low-, and moderate-income families; the elderly; and persons with disabilities. This is primarily a direct mortgage program, but funds may also be used to buy and improve land and to provide necessary facilities such as water and waste disposal systems. In addition, deep subsidy rental assistance is available to eligible residents.



Effective January 2014, USDA Rural Development is pleased to announce the selection of Ramona Mitchell as the new Program Director for Multi-Family Housing in Oregon. Ramona is based out of the Portland, Oregon, state office and can be reached at:

Ramona Mitchell, Oregon Multi-Family Housing Program Director
USDA Rural Development
Attn: Multi-Family Housing
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Ste. 801
Portland, OR 97232-1274
(503) 414-3310

Program List

  • Direct Rural Rental Housing Loans (Section 515):  Section 515 Direct Rural Rental Housing Loans assist in the development of affordable rental housing for families and individuals, including persons age 62 or over and/or disabled persons, in rural communities. Developers of affordable rental housing are encouraged to apply for special interest rate loans with or without project based subsidy or rental assistance to develop housing complexes in eligible rural areas. The housing is for families and individuals with very low, low or moderate incomes. Tenants pay rent in an amount that depends on the project type, whether utilities are included in the rent, the tenant income, and the availability of rental subsidy or Rental Assistance. Rental Assistance is the portion of approved shelter cost (rent and utilities) paid by USDA Rural Development to the borrower on behalf of very lowand/or lowncome tenants to compensate for the difference between the approved shelter cost and the monthly net tenant contribution.


  • Multi-Family Housing Guaranteed Loans (Section 538):  The Section 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing program is designed to increase the supply of affordable multi-family housing through partnerships between Rural Development and major lending sources, as well as state and local housing finance agencies and bond issuers. Any federal, state and conventional sources can be used in conjunction with the loan guarantee, including Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) grant funds, tax exempt bonds, and low income housing tax credits.

    Eligible lenders are invited to submit responses for new construction or acquisition of existing structures with eligible, per-unit rehabilitation expenditure requirements and unit size. Also eligible is the revitalization, repair and transfer of existing direct Section 515 housing, and properties involved in the Agency Multifamily Preservation and Revitalization program (MPR). Guarantees on permanent financing or a guarantee on construction advances when the lender agrees to finance the permanent loan is possible with or without the assistance of interest credit. Rural Development may guarantee such loans upon presentation and review of appropriate certifications, project information, and satisfactory completion of the appropriate level of environmental review by Rural Development.

    The program is designed to provide borrowers with competitive fixed-rate loans using lender forms and quick service to provide housing for low- or moderate-income families or individuals whose incomes at initial occupancy do not exceed 115 percent of the area median income adjusted for family size. Monthly rent for a unit may not exceed 30 percent of 115 percent of adjusted area median income.

  • Farm Labor Housing Loans & Grants:  Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants provide low cost financing for the development of affordable rental housing for both year-round and migrant omestic farm laborersand their households. These programs may be used to build, improve, or repair farm labor housing and provide related facilities, such as on-site childcare centers. The details of the program are divided in to two categories: On-farm labor housing, where housing is designed for farm workers involved in a specific farming operation, and off-farm labor housing for farm workers regardless of the farm where they work.


  • Housing Preservation Grants:  Housing Preservation Grants provide qualified public nonprofit organizations, tribal organizations and public agencies funding to conduct housing preservation programs benefiting very low- and low-income rural residents. Housing preservation assistance is available to repair or rehabilitate individual housing, rental properties or co-ops owned and/or occupied by income eligible rural persons. Financial assistance provided by grantees may include loans, grants, interest reduction payments or other comparable assistance.


  • Rental Assistance Program:  The Rural Rental Assistance (RA) program provides an additional source of support for households with incomes too low to pay the HCFP subsidized (basic) rent from their own resources.


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Oregon Contacts for Multi-Family Housing

State Office Contacts

Main Phone Number: (503) 414-3350
TDD:  (503) 414-3387

USDA Rural Development
Attn: Multi-Family Housing
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Ste. 801
Portland, OR 97232-1274

Ramona Mitchell, Oregon Multi-Family Housing Program Director
(503) 414-3310

Diana Chappell, MFH Specialist
(503) 414-3351

Janet Darling, MFH Specialist
(503) 414-3328

Sherryl Gleason, MFH Specialist
(503) 414-3352

Faith Harris, MFH Specialist
(503) 414-3358

Sofia Nguyen, MFH Assistant
(503) 414-3350

Technical Contacts

Claudia Vail-Goss, Construction Analyst
(503) 414-3357

Jeffrey Rapp, Appraiser
(503) 414-3363

Norm Schoen, State Architect, State Civil Rights Coordinator
(503) 414-3364

Central Point Office
Jay DeLapp, MFH Program Specialist
(541) 664-1070 ext. 413

Pendleton Office
Tina Campbell, MFH Program Specialist
(541) 278-8049 ext. 126

Renee Robinson, MFH Program Technician
(541) 278-8049 ext. 127

Redmond Office
Preston Hiatt, MFH Program Specialist
(541) 923-4358 ext. 124

Martha Chamberlain, MFH Program Technician
(541) 923-4358 ext. 126

Roseburg Office
Raquel O'Connor, MFH Program Specialist
(541) 673-0136 ext. 112

Mandie Ellenwood, MFH Program Technician
(541) 673-0136 ext. 100

Tangent Office
Ester Salinas, MFH Program Specialist
(541) 967-5925 Ext. 144


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