REAP Grants Energy Audit or Renwable Energy Assistance (EA/REDA)

In addition to providing grants for rural energy projects themselves, REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) also offers grants of up to $100,000 to entities that provide technical assistance to rural businesses interested in undertaking such projects. Assistance is limited to public bodies, government/tribally-chartered "instrumentalities", colleges & universities, and publicly-owned utilities & electric coops, and funds must be used to conduct energy audits or otherwise provide technical assistance. (Note that nonprofits are not currently eligible for this program.) In FY2010, approximately $2.4 million will be awarded.


REAP applications are accepted year round, but they are typically only funded during specific funding windows.

Program Information

  • What's "rural"? - all REAP projects must be in a rural location
  • What is a "small business"? - REAP technical assistance grants may only be operated for the benefit of small businesses or farmers/ranchers
  • What is an energy audit? - REAP technical assistance grants can help pay the cost of obtaining an energy audit, which in turn may help the audited small business or farmer to obtain a REAP energy project grant.

Application Information & Tools

Forms for grant applicants specific to EA/REDA can be found in the regulation 4280.190.


EA/REDA Grant Regulations

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