Guaranteed Housing Programs

NOTE: Our current review times are:

Application packages for approval submitted on: 11/20/14
Closing packages for Loan Note Guarantee issuance submitted on: 11/07/14
Loan applications should be submitted to:

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Transition to Automated Loan Closing for Guaranteed Loans

USDA Rural Develoment has launched a new automated Lender Loan Closing system that enables lenders to more easily and efficiently submit loan closing transactions/packages to the Agency for Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loans. To ensure timely issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee (LNG) to lenders, the Agency is transitioning to a fully electronic loan closing submission process and expects that all lenders will submit loan closing transactions electronically by October 1, 2014.

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Effective Monday, September 22nd, 2014, all NEW GUS application submissions should be underwritten with the .5% annual fee structure. Our current turn times in Pennsylvania are 7-8 business days which means we will not begin processing applications submitted on Monday September 22nd until after the new fiscal year begins on October 1st, 2014.

GUS "Final Submissions", with an annual fee of .4%, that are not issued a conditional commitment by RD prior to the close of business on September 30, 2014, will be affected by the annual fee change. Lenders must re-underwrite the loan using an annual fee of .5% and resubmit the application to RD in GUS. GUS underwriting recommendations are subject to change at the time of resubmission.

For assistance with underwriting rules and regulations, please utilize the following resources:

  • For further guidance, special underwriting scenarios or for information on becoming an approved lender, please email us at

    Guaranteed Housing Policy & Guidance Memos

  • GRH Underwriting and Loan Closing Documentation Matrix - AN 4699

    Standardized Income, Origination and Closing Templates - AN 4714

    Refinancing Single Family Loans - AN4635

    Adoption of the New Uniform Appraisal Dataset-AN 4601

    Definition of conventional Credit - AN 4594

    Existing Dwelling Inspection Requirements (Acceptable Origination Appraisal Forms) - AN 4476

    In-Ground Swimming Pools - AN 4701

    Lender Charge and Fees - AN 4585

    Outbuilding - AN 4590

  • 1980-21 - Job Aid

    Floodplain Checklist